Lab Expectations

This lab is designed to take 1-2 hours per week and contains the following components

  • Learning objectives: Review concepts from the lecture and skills from previous labs as needed.
  • Instructional videos: Watch instructional videos and follow along on your own computer.
  • Check your understanding: Complete a brief task and check your work against the solution provided.
  • Assignment: Apply the concepts you learned to a new research question and your own unique dataset. Submit your solutions on Canvas.

This lab is to be completed online on your own time. Please see the schedule below for dates each lab should be completed. Your TAs are available to assist with any issues you encounter while working through the labs.

You are permitted to work through the labs with your classmates; however, the assignments must be completed on your own, with no assistance from classmates. You are permitted to use notes, lab materials, and other resources that do not involve communication with another person. If you have questions about what resources you can or cannot use while completing assignments, please contact your TAs.