7.8 Assignment

You are a researcher who is interested in factors that influence memory. Specifically, you want to know whether people have better memory for words they have heard spoken aloud or for words they have read.

You recruit 100 undergraduates to take part in your study. You randomly assign 50 of them to the hearing condition and 50 to the reading condition.

In the hearing condition, participants hear a series of 20 common words spoken aloud. In the reading condition, participants read the same words, which are displayed one at a time on a computer screen. Participants in both conditions wait for 1 min after hearing or reading the words. Next, they have 3 min to write down as many words as they can remember. They receive a memory score, which is equal to the number of words they correctly recall.

Download your dataset from Canvas in the folder for this lab. Your dataset is labelled with your name. It is important that you download only your data, since it is different from other students’ data.

You hypothesize that participants in the hearing condition will have significantly different memory scores compared to participants in the writing condition. Conduct an independent samples t test to test this hypothesis. Report your results in APA format.

As a reminder, you must complete this assignment independently, with no assistance from your classmates.