12.6 Assignment

Imagine you are an educational psychologist who is developing interventions to improve literacy among school-aged children. You develop two interventions, intervention A and intervention B.

To test these interventions, you recruit 90 school-aged children to be part of your study. You randomly assign each child to one of three experimental conditions: intervention A, intervention B, and a control (no intervention) group. You hypothesize that the experimental groups will be associated with significant variation in reading ability.

You record the following variables:

  • condition: Experimental condition with levels A (intervention A), B (intervention B), and C (control)
  • score: Score on a standardized reading measure, with possible scores ranging from 0-100. Higher scores indicate greater literacy.

Download your dataset from Canvas in the folder for this lab. Your dataset is labelled with your name. It is important that you download only your data, since it is different from other students’ data.

Conduct a one-way ANOVA to test your hypothesis. If appropriate, use follow-up t tests using Tukey’s HSD to compare groups. Report your results in APA format.